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 Xyphon!!!! Says

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PostSubject: Xyphon!!!! Says   Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:46 am

Let me explain cless for all of you.

OK, he is a retard who treats users like crap, especially his mods.

He does not trust anyone but Belle. he demoted Icedwings Pepper and someone else because he was told by a new mod that they were insulting him, that shows his trust in them. How easily he believed that story.

He never let Latimew or I in any webmaster only section of the site, that shows his trust in me, and latimew, the old WEBMASTERS.

Now let's see.. Hes destroying TPM by selling it to david pretty much (letting david buy anything) and hes releasing too many pokemon and legendaries.

Hes a little B*****d who doesnt diserve his IQ because he uses it to disrespect others.

He blocked me to avoid me because he knows im going to be very angry at him for demoting me without telling me, then telling everyone I 'quit'.

He thinks every time I tell him I think hes doing something wrong that I am complaining and yelling at him, but in the truth of the matter, I am just stating my honest oppinion.

Cless has some serious issues and he never used to preform like this until probably around the beggining of V1.

I hope he comes into his senses and stops being such a jackass, and I hope he reads this so he can see a piece of my mind.

Cless, Screw you

-Xyphon (the old friend that you deserted for no reason, that is, if you forgot who I was)

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Xyphon!!!! Says
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